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2016 Infinity Management

IntelliBid is Infinity Management’s online bid tool for domestic and international moves. We use an intelligent approach to procurement by looking at the total cost of the move. In addition to competitive pricing, we evaluate other significant cost factors such as transit times to reduce per diem expenses and ensuring the use of top-scoring qualified agents in conjunction with other employee specific needs.  We only include the services that are actually required for each move based on one in-home survey. The result is quality moves at highly competitive prices; saving you thousands over traditional methods of online bidding.

Here are the major advantages of IntelliBid:

We do not collect a commission on your moves; our only motivation is to provide you the best combination of service and cost. We charge a low, flat-fee.

It’s your program; your vendors, your contracts, your policy. We work for you! We will help you develop a policy and even educate you about international and domestic moving.

Transparency of pricing: Our model doesn’t just end with a bid.  We require a full disclosure of all expense and profit with full backup and supporting documentation.

All vendors bid using the same criteria. All vendors use the same set of rules for how move weights, volume, currency conversion and other factors are calculated.
Your bid is easy to understand.  You can choose the components of the move to be bid on. “Door-to-door” or “Cost Plus” at the level of detail of your choosing.

Pay only for what you need. Infinity’s bids are based on the actual services required based on one survey conducted at the employee’s home.  Unlike other programs whose bids lump all possible costs into the move cost and other companies leave out many costs.

Cost Analysis-You can view and determine the winners of your bids. Infinity’s International experts can handle the entire bid or just help with the administration. We will select the best bid based on the needs of each move, not computer software as others do.

View your bids online. View all bids online comparing them side-by-side. You can even award the winning bids all from our website! Review bid activity and history.

Full reporting capabilities. All data regarding your bid is reported on; detailing your bid activity, moves awarded and more.

Quality Appraisal. Our InfiniSurvey program is included. A great price on a move is worthless if the service delivered is poor. Access our database of vendor performance data to see who are the top performing agents. (All client data is proprietary, just scores are viewable to clients). Use our InfiniSurvey site to view your scores in real-time. We have maintained an 80% plus response ratio over the past 5 years.