IntelliMove™ is Infinity's comprehensive alternative to traditional move management at a fraction of the cost. IntelliMove professionally facilitates the administrative duties of move management, freeing you to spend more time on other responsibilities. You still counsel the transferee and maintain complete control over your program. We utilize your carriers, contracts, and policies.

Infinity's experienced employees administer your household goods moving program in whole or in part, entirely under your supervision. Since Infinity is not a broker and receives no commissions, there's no conflict of interest.

In addition to the benefits of our standard program, Infinity offers even greater value to third-party clients:

  • Your counselors are free to spend more time on each transferee and handle more cases.
  • Infinity is completely transparent to your customers and transferees.
  • Infinity calculates commissions correctly.
  • Earned and projected commissions are reported broken out by carrier and client.
  • “ Beyond 30 days storage” expense amounts are detailed.
  • Chargeback codes, business units, or counselor names can be coded.
  • All data can be electronically transmitted into your database. Eliminate the need to re-enter data for payroll and expense management.
  • All move dates, estimates, and information can be imported and reposted on your site.
  • Offer your clients true, independent audits and quality evaluations.
  • Assistance with RFPs and RFQs is available.


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