IntelliMove is Infinity's comprehensive alternative to traditional move management at a fraction of the cost. IntelliMove professionally facilitates the administrative duties of move management, freeing you to spend more time on other responsibilities. You still counsel the transferee and maintain complete control over your program. We utilize your carriers, contracts, and policies. Infinity's experienced employees administer your household goods moving program in whole or in part, entirely under your supervision. Since Infinity is not a broker and receives no commissions, there's no conflict of interest. Here are some of the key points of the service:

Initiate moves with Best Fit™
Infinity books moves with the carrier of your choosing, or we can select one for you based upon our unique knowledge of your carriers' geographic strengths and seasonal availability. We call this our "Best Fit" program.

Authorize exceptions
With our intimate knowledge of your existing policies, Infinity can either advise upon or authorize exceptions to policy based upon best costs and service options. Of course all authorizations are explained and tracked in our standard Exceptions to Policy reports.

Resolve service issues
Infinity intercedes on your behalf to quickly and fairly resolve any or service failures or claims issues that occur during the course of a move. We will always notify you before any action is taken.

Access to data via our web site
All dates and move estimates are entered into our database for your review. You have instant access to the status of your moves at any time.





2016 Infinity Management

  • Booking the move with the appropriate carrier based on a “Best Fit” methodology
  • Answering questions from carriers regarding move
  • Reviewing move estimates
  • Making authorizations (optional) or advising you of the best decisions regarding cost
  • Monitoring the progress of the move and posting all dates and notes on our web site
  • Handling basic service failures and claims issues (you are always advised)
  • Documentation of all exceptions to policy
  • Our full award-winning audit service
  • On-line access to move status, estimates, and notes
  • Web-based relocation evaluation program, all services or just moving, fully customized
  • Data transmis Data transmission to your company
  • Over 50 different reports available 24/7
  • sion to your company
  • Move initiation and data merge with UNIRISC insurance

  Invoices can be paid by Infinity (optional)