The Only Audit Program that Works to Prevent Billing Errors!

Invoice auditing

Our Audit Philosophy is unique in the industry.

It is our belief that a billing error is due to a broken process. Erroneous invoices cost everyone time and money to correct; not to mention the overcharge itself. The truth is traditional audit models that only address incorrect charges need billing errors to justify their service. It actually works against what you should be striving for!  It is also our belief that a program that has clearly-written contracts, well-defined policies, move management processes and performance expectations will result in more accurate billing and higher quality moves.  Although you can never eliminate all billing errors, it is our goal to create a process that results in highly accurate and timely invoicing. Since we do not base our value on how much money is reduced from an invoice, we can work towards designing, implementing measuring and managing quality from start to finish. This will reduce your time spent on HHGDs issues and help you create a high quality HHGDs program.

Infinity Management has developed a unique program that captures key data from your moving invoices to document savings achieved through your contracts, changes to policy, cost avoidance dollars as well as any audit adjustments. In addition to the information we glean from moving invoices, we use quality data and claims information to create a complete performance evaluation of your carriers. Our service just begins with an audit; it is simply just a part of our service.

What value do we provide? 

Ask yourself this question: at the end of the year, wouldn't it be better to show upper management and Purchasing/Sourcing documented savings and how well-run your HHGDs program is with reporting on contract, policy adherence, cost avoidance, high quality scores, accurate billing and low claims rather than a report just showing that there were a lot of billing errors?  With Infinity, we will provide you with powerful reporting documenting all aspects of savings along with proof of your well-run and managed program.  A traditional Audit company can only show “savings” due to poor billing practices by the carriers which is a result of not adhering to contractual obligations.  It is not a sign of a well-run program.

Why an Independent auditor?

It is sound financial practice to utilize an audit firm with a specialty in the moving industry. It keeps all transactions at an arm's length. Auditing moving invoices is a specialized skill. It takes years of experience in the moving and storage industry before an auditor has the skills to properly audit. At Infinity, we take great pride in our auditors, who average over 15 years experience in the moving & storage industry. All are Certified Moving Professionals and Household Tariff Specialists.

What kind of an audit do you want?

We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our standard audit program controls costs before, during, and after the move. It provides unrivaled levels of savings and data management. This process was recognized by the ERC for innovation and problem solving. Regardless of your need, Infinity can provide the greatest value providing best practices to your company. We document your total program savings, not just billing errors.

Why audit outsourced programs?

Although most third parties claim to audit your invoices, all of our clients have seen a significant increase in their audit savings as well as vastly improved reporting. Infinity becomes your guardian over the “fox in the hen house” syndrome where the third party who may be making as much as $1,500 in commission per move is also making policy decisions affecting cost and paying their own invoices. We provide your company proof that you are receiving the level of discount and cost you contracted for with your third party. Sound business practices require outside auditing and monitoring of these activities. 

Increased savings through cost avoidance practices.

Only Infinity provides expert advice and ensures compliance with all applicable tariffs, contracts, and policies throughout the entire move. For example, by evaluating carriers' estimates, we prevent errors before they occur, lowering packing, crating, and accessorial costs. Infinity provides instant advice to you regarding authorization of moving expenses based on sound industry practices. These "pre-move savings" are fully documented in our database for reporting.

Free trial audit and contract review

The best way to see how we can help you is to have us to perform a free trial audit on up to 10 invoices. We will perform an audit and review your contracts. We will prepare reports showing what you can expect from us. We will review your contracts and make money-saving recommendations. We typically spot errors in 30% to 60% of the invoices audited, resulting in an average savings of $300 to $600 per file during trial audits. Contact us to get the full details.

What does Infinity Management audit?

Not all audits are the same. Just ask many of our clients who used to utilize other auditing firms. Even though many of the items audited are the same, the thoroughness of the audit can differ considerably. At Infinity, every aspect of every invoice is carefully audited by our experienced staff with special attention to problematic areas of your movers or the industry in general. 

Infinity Management is the only company to offer a 400-N specific auditing program. Our database instantly compares packing charges between the two different methodologies. This allows you to trend the data and make adjustments as necessary, reducing the cost of your moves. We also provide the correct mileage and origin and destination cities, which no longer appear on your invoices. This is critical to benchmarking. Our actual audit process is proprietary. Upon request, we can furnish you with a complete description. 


Please contact us for details.

What about auditing international moves?

International audits are very different from domestic audits. They require skilled, experienced auditors who understand the complexities of international moving and pricing. Only Infinity’s systems permit the proper auditing of international moves by verifying a myriad of charges and items. The process is similar to the domestic audit, but has a greater emphasis on data collection for rate comparison and reporting. You will have access to thousands of international rates for instant cost projections as well as the ability to verify international costs not covered under specific contracted rates. Most companies contracts do not provide enough.


Infinity's auditing
Industry experts providing advice
Savings from beginning to end
Electronic paper trail
Rapid turn-around
Process each invoice once

Traditional auditing
Potential conflicts of interest
Bean counters checking figures
Adjustments only after the move
No audit history
Slow turn-around
Repeatedly process invoices




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