Claims management


Even the best carriers sometimes make mistakes resulting in the need for transferees to file claims for broken and/or missing items.

Data standardization
Traditionally, each carrier handles claims somewhat differently, resulting in settlement inequities and obscuring true performance. Also, because traditional claim reports are compiled only after settlement, you and your transferees are kept in the dark until it's too late to affect the outcome.

Status tracking
With Infinity Management's optional flat-fee claims management service, carriers enter all claims data electronically in a standardized format which allows you to easily track the current status on the web. Our detailed reports show the exact disposition of each claim so you can keep your transferees better informed. Likewise, our overview reports can be compiled for any time period, providing you with the necessary facts to properly evaluate carrier performance.

Infinity's claims management
Web-based claims
Standardized carrier data
Reports throughout process
Overview and detail reports
Facilitate performance evaluation
Seamless Insurance Provider integration

Traditional claims management
Paper-based claims
Disparate carrier data
Reports only after settlement
No overview reports
Hinder performance evaluation
No Insurance Provider integration


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