Contract consulting

Since the 1980 deregulation of the moving and storage industry, carriers have been allowed to file their own exceptions to the base tariff rates. This has resulted in self-serving contracts with a wide range of confusing tariff rules and rates.

Infinity Management eliminates this confusion and streamlines your operations by designing and implementing contracts from your perspective. As experts in the moving and storage industry, we craft contracts that protect and benefit your firm (by controlling costs and clarifying tariff provisions, for example). On average, the entire contract consultation process takes less than a month and immediately provides considerable savings and optimized service levels.

Infinity’s contracts result in tremendous savings both through market pricing as well as many clauses and tariff modifications that are widely accepted but rarely offered by carriers unless you ask for them. Although Infinity does not hold any contracts, the volume of moves we manage results in savings to you. We are viewed as a very large account by the carriers. Our clients enjoy reduced third-party appliance crating, auto-shipping, and other enhanced services.

After carefully reviewing your firm's existing contracts and policies in conjunction with your legal and risk departments, Infinity designs a single customized contract that applies to all your carriers. We have the experience to handle the complexities of contracts covering international moves.

Infinity handles all of the details regarding contract negotiation and implementation. We have a proven track record of negotiating carrier contracts in a non-confrontational manner.

Infinity will periodically review your contract and policies to ensure they remain current with industry regulations and practices, as well as your firm's goals.

Infinity's contracts
Meet your specific needs
Written in plain English
Control costs
Adhere to your policies
Standardize all carriers' contracts
Provide legal protection

Traditional contracts
Favor the carrier
Contain ambiguous jargon
Obscure costs
Contradict your policies
Hinder competitive comparisons
Contain legal vulnerabilities



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