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While Infinity Management's custom reports are ideal for analyzing quantifiable data, they don't provide any insight into the satisfaction of your transferees with their moves. That's why we developed our unique InfiniSurvey web-based quality evaluation program that allows transferees to rate any or all of your service providers.

  • Design your own surveys or pick from our database of surveys to rate any or all of your relocation services.
  • Choose the questions and point values.
  • Select when the surveys are sent.
  • Select how often a reminder is sent.
  • View status on-line to see who responds.
  • View scores and run any reports via the web or by request.
  • Infinity actively manages the process and reviews all submissions. We alert you to any negative comments or scores and request action from carriers.
  • All responses for moving services are obtained within two weeks of delivery.

IntelliScore™ Performance Scorecard
Infinity offers the industry’s only comprehensive "IntelliScore™ Performance Scorecard - (SLA)" that integrates financial, quality and claims data to create the industry’s only independent carrier performance scoring tool. Using a simple and succinct gated; Green, Yellow, Red format, you set the performance parameters and score values our tool imports data feeds from your insurance provider to create a powerful measurement and evaluation tool.

We enjoy an astonishingly high 80-90% rate of response, which means the results are truly representative of the entire population rather than skewed by a self-selecting sample of unsatisfied or elated transferees.

Since each transferee's responses are obtained within two weeks of the move's completion, their feedback is timely and permits action to be taken on any unresolved service issues.

Comments made by transferees often prove more useful than the raw score or rating of the move. We provide unlimited space for employee comments and include them on the reporting.

All results are maintained in a database—not tallied by hand—and are therefore instantly accessible. For example, if you are meeting with a service provider, you will have up-to-the-minute survey results for immediate review.

Infinity’s Quality Assurance manager views all responses and will immediately require vendors to provide responses to any negative scores. Vendors are required to respond with an explanation for the poor service along with how the situation is to be resolved.

Infinity's evaluations
80-90% response rate
Completed within two weeks
Conducted via Internet
Serve your specific needs
Contain transferee comments

Traditional evaluations
20-30% response rate
Completed within six months
Disruptive phone or mail interviews
Serve providers' purposes
Lack valuable comments




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