In order to meet the high standard of reporting that we feel is necessary, Infinity developed a database designed and built by industry experts. The system accurately captures all necessary data throughout the entire move process and presents this data in the form most useful to you. We provide over 50 different full-color reports that can be generated as needed, on demand, available via email or our secure web site.

All HHGD’s reporting is detailed by invoice or summarized by agent and van line, sorted by business unit, simple list, by employee, or as needed.

  • 400-N specific reporting
  • Financial data (third parties)
  • Domestic quality
  • International quality
  • Exceptions to policy
  • Benchmarking and trending
  • Permanent storage
  • Cost estimator
  • Moves initiated by carrier
  • Refused moves
  • Non-invoiced moves
  • Claims
  • Cost by employee (Infinity exclusive)
  • Packing cost evaluator

Infinity's reports satisfy the financial data needs of internal departments as well as the IRS. Furthermore, they are instrumental in assessing which carriers are providing the best value, making accurate cost projections, improving your policies, and negotiating future contract rates

Infinity can also provide printed or electronic reports in the most common formats (PDF, delimited text, Excel spreadsheets, XML, etc.). We are the only company that can integrate data directly into your existing information technology systems; there's no need to re-key data. This reduces your data entry costs and eliminates the possibility of transcription errors.

400-N Specific Reporting
Infinity offers the only 400-N reporting detailing packing cost conversions for trending and the actual mileage, origin, and destination city. We also include the occurrence of included accessorials for cost analysis and contract negotiating. The reports are the key to analyzing carrier performance because they show both individual move specifics and summarized trends and other components that directly affect costs.

3rd Party Financial Services Program
We offer a unique service designed around the specific needs of 3rd parties and move brokerages. Infinity accurately calculates commissions for all aspects of move management and provides reporting on all of your revenue streams. We verify the commission amounts with your carriers at the time each invoice is processed. We perform the timely and complicated process and present the amounts payable to the carrier, to be invoiced to the Client and your commission amounts. We can feed or e-mail your financial reports as needed in almost any format so they can eliminate the need for you to double enter the data.

Audit Cover Sheets
When you receive your carrier invoices from Infinity, each has a audit cover sheet clearly detailing all costs, charge-back codes, adjustments, explanations of any adjustment, and IRS non-excludable amounts. This summary allows you easier handling and processing while servicing as the official verification of amounts to be paid. Only Infinity provides this summary and audit confirmation checklist.

As the official notice to the carrier for all adjustments, this has contributed to our average processing time of only five days.

Exceptions to Policy Reports
Infinity tracks all exceptions to policy, along with the cost center, department head, invoice number, exception type, amount, and invoice date. These reports ensure policy efficacy and internal audit protection. You can also see which carriers are costing you more in additional services.

Professional Analysis
Infinity created the industry’s most sophisticated analysis tools that analyze 100% of your data for precise knowledge of your program. We provide data on pricing and cost to develop pricing strategy based on professional studies not insignificant small samples.

  • Origin and destination frequency (break down move activity by most frequent areas)
  • Cost zone analysis (average cost zones and most frequent)
  • Mileage conversion (mileage for each move is entered by Infinity)
  • Packing analysis (which method is best)
  • Storage frequency and cost (where and how much)
  • Carrier cost and performance studies (Carrier cost, claims analysis and quality scores all combined for clear picture of your carrier base.)



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